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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 24.00 Hrs

Saturday – Sunday24.00 Hrs

Doctors Timetable

At Nakasero Hospital, your doctor’s visit is tailored to suit your convenience. Make a booking with the doctor you need at the time most convenient to you

Emergency Cases

If you are in need of emergency care, please come straight to our 24 hour Accident and Emergency unit or call our emergency helpline  for assistance and  ambulance pick up  

Get Quality Care When You Need It

Experienced Specialists

Your health is your most important asset, entrust it only to those who have the experience to manage it

Diagonistic Excellence

Receive treatment choices that perfectly match your health complications with early intervention.

Quality and Safety

Our staff have the requisite training and knowledge to maintain hihh levels of quality and care while managing your situation

Dedicated Team

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly well managed.

Welcome To Nakasero Hospital!

We offer advanced medical care to outbound and inbound patients.

Since its founding , Nakasero Hospital has become an integral part of the city of Kampala and to those who come from abroad, advancing our mission of providing access to  advanced care to our communities.

Today patients find care that combines world-class medicine and compassion.


Comprehensive Care For Everyone

Internal Medicine

Helping you reach your health potential


There for you in your time of need


Taking care of the unknown


You only have two kidneys, let’s keep it that way

Infectious Diseases

Keep you close to your loved ones but healthy


Better smiles for children & adults


Helping to bring joy to so many families


Opening up a whole new world


True meaning of great insight!

Incase of Emergency, Call 0393 224 681

Dedicated to Improving Health Care of Our Community

Nakasero Hospital is a people centered environment and you are at the center of everything we do and every decision we make. We are your partner for health.


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    Nakasero Hospital is the Center for Advanced Care For you and your family.

    We provide comprehensive primary care for adults and children of all ages