Social Responsibility is an integral part of Nakasero Hospital’s service delivery. Our stakeholders are dedicated to making a significant contribution to the community through various health initiatives:

Blood Donation
As a hospital, we engage in different life-saving activities and Blood Donation is one of the key activities carried out.
In partnership with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (Blood Bank), we have over time organized blood donation drives both at the hospital and with other partners at other locations. We believe that there should be enough blood to help save lives and every little effort to deliver matter.

Club Foot
Nakasero Hospital has plans to carry out free Orthopaedic clinics for congenital deformities in children such as club foot. This is a growing problem and through our Orthopaedic department, we believe this will provide much needed relief to parents with children suffering from this.

Fistula Repair Project
The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology conducted free VVF repair surgeries. (VVF is a debilitating condition affecting poor rural women that are neglected at child birth) This was in collaboration with a number of stakeholders including international and local sponsors. The project run for two years with over 300 women treated for this condition at no cost to the patients.

Rahab Uganda
Rahab Uganda is an organisation that provides refuge and education for young girls that have been sexually abused or have previously worked as sex workers. The center goes further to skill the girls to enable them become self-sustaining once they leave home. Furthermore, they continue to champion causes that affect the youth and more so the girl child and Nakasero Hospital stands by as a dedicated partner in this effort to deliver their objective which, in many ways, relates to our objectives. As a hospital, we commit to providing healthcare needs for the girls while in the rehabilitation home.

Rotary Cancer Run
Nakasero Hospital has over the last few years partnered with the Rotary Cancer Run that has undertaken to provide facilities and treatment for cancer patients. This is a concerted effort with several other partners and cancer being one of the key focuses for Nakasero Hospital in the coming years, partnerships like this will help to make the job easier to deliver.

Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project
This is a project that has taken on a cause that resonates with the wider population and the job they are doing is beyond exceptional. When they came calling for assistance, we could not turn them down. Each month, we support the project with medication for their clinic that then support the children that they are caring for and the other patients. This has helped to lessen the burden on the treatment of these patients and we believe it will help to stabilize their conditions.

Rotary Family Health Days
In partnership with the Rotary Club of Kampala Maisha, we have delivered health care to residents of Mukono over the last few years through the Rotary Family Health Days initiative. This involves having doctors diagnose and treat patients at these camps free of cost. This is a continuing project and we believe we shall evolve with them through the different initiatives they take on.

Kampala Schools Medical Support
Following visits to the UPE schools in Kampala, it was noted that most were struggling to respond to the pupils’ emergency medical conditions while at school. This was due to a lack of adequate equipment and medication to provide first aid to the pupils. Nakasero
The hospital took on four schools i.e. Buganda Road Primary School, Nakasero Primary School, Bat Valley Primary School, and Kitante Primary School, to support them each term with free medication and first aid equipment. This has helped to lessen the burden on these schools as they focus on providing an education to the pupils.

·         Monthly Medical Theme
Each month comes with a new medical theme at Nakasero Hospital. In line with the World Health Organisations’ key Health Days, we pick themes to run throughout the year during which we create more awareness and in most cases provide free or subsided care for that health condition. We also carry our education in some months through workshops and explainer videos to enable the masses to get the message.
Furthermore, we carry our wellness checkup camps during these months in line with the themes at different locations and organizations.

Look out for the coming months and see how you can benefit from this initiative