Welcome to the Department of Internal Medicine

Nakasero Hospital’s Department of General Internal Medicine (GIM) is home to a large, diverse group of individuals dedicated to our mission to provide the best care to patients, improve health and healthcare through innovative research.

Our specialists focus on delivering excellent primary and hospital-based, up-to-date, patient-focused care to diverse patients from Kampala city and communities across the nation.

Friendly and knowledgeable, our general internal medicine providers are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health.

Our Approach to General Internal Medicine

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to find a provider who knows you and understands what’s important in your life.

A general internal medicine provider is your partner in helping you stay healthy or manage chronic conditions. That’s where Nakasero Hospital comes in. We’ll get you taken care of and help you meet whatever health goals you set, manage chronic conditions and push you toward better health when you need that, too.

Our internal medicine providers shall work with you to help you achieve or maintain good health. They are adept at managing the following:

Primary Care for Adult Problems

Trained to care for the general health and wellness of adults and to diagnose and treat underlying conditions as they arise, we handle early and complex health problems that affect adults. Our teams handles wellness, disease prevention and health promotion in your patient visit offering:

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Internal Medicine
Keeping Our City Healthy
Internal Medicine
No One should Be Sick
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General Medicine

Emergency Cases


Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

Specialty Services

We offer specialty care in several settings and through a variety of programs such as

  1. After Hospital Care serves as a resource for patients who have recently been treated  and are in need of short term follow-up 
  2. Preventive Health Program provides comprehensive health assessments for people with busy schedules
  3. Healthful Eating, Activity & Weight Program works with patients to make long-term lifestyle changes to prevent chronic disease and improve their health with a focus on obesity, prediabetes and hypertension
  4. Hypertension Center provides consultative care for patients with high blood pressure that is difficult to diagnose and/or treat
  5. Diabetes Prevention and Education Program provides two evidence-based programs: 1) The Diabetes Prevention Program  for persons with prediabetes; and 2) Diabetes Self-Management Training for persons living with diabetes
  6. Palliative Medicine Program helps patients facing life-threatening illnesses and their families live the fullest lives they can, control pain, deal with the mental and emotional effects of a serious illness, and manage symptoms

Patient Care

Care tailored for you: Our specialist Internal Medicine providers shall work with you to help you achieve or maintain good health.

Easy appointment scheduling: We make it fast and simple for new patients to get an appointment — even offering same-day appointments when you need it. This can be especially helpful if you’re dealing with the flu, cold, cough, sore throat, sprains and strains and minor lacerations. 

Head Of Department

Internal Medicine
Dr Marvin Miiro Nsubuga

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