Care Delivered To You Basing on How You Need It

Sometimes you realize that you have run out of your medication yet you need it. We deliver drug, healthcare products and any other medical care that you may  need to your homes and offices in the shortest time possible.

You can also book health tests at your home as per the convenience. Our management teams contact all the patients through our call centre to set up a delivery time and place that suits them. 

Nakasero Hospital Virtual Care provides easy access to care — from the convenience of your mobile device or computer. You can talk to a health care provider using our app who can diagnose and prescribe medications for minor care concerns such as colds, rashes and pinkeye.

Virtual visits are not for emergencies. If you have an urgent medical need, call our emergency line +256 312 531 400

Our OnDemand Virtual Care provides easy you with access to care — from the convenience of your mobile device or computer.

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Sometimes you need care in person or want to see your doctor face-to-face.

Nakasero Hospital  care providers are available for a wide range of health needs. One of the most important things you can do for your health is to find a provider who knows you and understands what’s important in your life and you can start that relationship today. 

We’ve built our appointment schedule around your busy day. We offer same-day and next-day appointments whenever you are available. We are open 24 hours week days and weekends.

Appointments can be scheduled online.

Come into our Hospital in-person for a wide range of services, without an appointment.

For new patients, be sure to check out our location

Request a visit and receive in-person treatment from experienced medical providers within a few hours.

Find a Care Service To Meet Your Needs

Online Care Services Through NHL App

Nakasero Hospital has several options to help you get convenient care and stay connected to us

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