Embark on a journey of planned health care management with Nakasero Hospital Health Card.

Health Card

What is a Health Card?

This is a card given to a registered member as part of the incentive scheme where points are accumulated for future or immediate use every time a transaction is made.

The card is a replacement for carrying cash to the hospital for all your visits and will also enable you to save money for future hospital visits. All money deposited with the program is available to you for use within the hospital to access any service available.

We are currently running two schemes under this program, Individual Scheme and Family Scheme.

How does it work?

Registered members deposit money with the hospital and in exchange they are given a card reflecting the deposit made. Individual Scheme members are given only one free card and Family Scheme members are given two free cards. Any extra
cards desired by the members will be charged at;
One off card fee: UGX15,000
Annual extra fee: UGX18,000
We also accept different deposit options. There will not be an upper limit for any of the categories above.

How do I utilize the funds on the card?

Once any registered member falls sick, he/she can access the medical care upon presenting the Health card for verification at the front office. Once the treatment is received and deductions made, the card holder will receive a message detailing the transactions made, the balance and incentive received.

Who is eligible to register for this program?

Any person or family that would like to plan for current or future medical care with Nakasero Hospital.

Benefits of Having a Health card

Members are able to access medical care as well as the benefits that come
along with the card like discounts.
ii. You will be able to get incentives with the hospital partners that have accepted
to participate in the program. These will be communicated periodically as
partnership agreements are signed.
iii. Patients above 55 years that cannot be covered by Insurance companies could
benefit from the scheme.

Can I withdraw money from the scheme if I am relocating to another country?

You can withdraw your balances though this will entail deactivation of the card. You will however, be free to re-activate your card upon return. In case of death of the Card holder, the beneficiary provided at registration could
claim the money.

Can I have my friend use my card with my authorisation?

Anyone can use your card with your authorization. Points earned will be credited to the member’s account.

Does the hospital deduct any fees from my Deposit?

The Hospital will not deduct money from your deposit

Does this card expire?

The card does not expire. It can only be de-activated once the account remains at zero balance. However, if new deposits are made it can be re-activated.

Are there services that this card will not cover?

The card covers all services provided by the Hospital.

If my funds run out on the card while under admission, do you provide services on credit?

No. You will be required to top up on your card in order to clear your outstanding bills.

Where do I report in case of fraud or loss of card?

In case of fraud, call the hospital line below:
+256 (0) 312-531-400
In case of loss, report to Nakasero Hospital with a police report. You will also be required to pay a replacement fee of UGX15,000=