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We shall not tire to emphasize the only solution to reducing the impact of COVID 19. Please practice what we are preaching!

#Asymptomatic patients live and travel with us yet we do not know them. However, they infect us each day. Keep your mask on even with a close friend or relative. #COVID19 #StaySafeUG

Things e should all try to know! #babyhealth #maternalhealth For more information, please contact 0312531400

Introducing healthcare for the future NOW! Nakasero Health Card via @YouTube

HPV vaccine continues to save thousands of people from virus that cause certain types of cancer. Lets take a stand against cancer! #TestEarly #VaccinateNow

In a lot of ways, there are many Edwards Jenners all around us today. Creating solutions for today and tomorrow’s problems! #Inventor #smallpox #VaccineFacts #VaccineForAll

Know your Vaccines and what keeps them safe for use! #vaccinated #knowyourvaccine #vaccineawareness

This happens to every one of us and we all wish someone could sing to us…Let us be that someone to our children and give them full protection as they grow. Call us today 0393346155 #health #immunization #immunesystem #vaccinessavelives #vaccinepassports Immunization has proved to be a key factor in controlling and eliminating life-threatening infectious diseases and more so in developing countries where health services are not as advanced. The term Prevention is better than Cure has never had more meaning! Call today to get more information about our Vaccination program. 0393346155 #health #wellness #immunization

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