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Nakasero hospital has been at the forefront of providing innovative healthcare as well as improving the health and wellbeing of children across the country. While we know that it can be a difficult time for you when your child experiences health issues, rest assured, you can feel confident that your child will receive the best medical care at Nakasero Hospital. Our world-class medical team of leading medical minds and top pediatricians work together to better understand, treat and ultimately prevent the onset of the most devastating childhood diseases and ensure the best health outcomes for our patients.

Pediatric services offered at Nakasero Hospital

Pediatricians at Nakasero Hospital are your child’s partner in developing lifelong healthy habits, from birth through adolescence. They provide guidance to help parents foster their child’s positive mental and social health, as well as physical health. Below are the services available at Nakasero Hospital

We have a team of well qualified pediatricians available 24/7 to asses and treat infants and children.

Immunization is a simple yet safe and highly effective way of protecting both adults and children from some harmful and contagious diseases before contact occurs. It has been estimated that through vaccination programs, up to 3 million lives are saved per year worldwide.

Vaccinations use the body’s natural defense mechanisms to help build resistance to targeted viruses. This means if you are exposed to that virus in the future your body’s immune system is able to respond and prevent you from developing that disease or in some cases ensure only a milder strain occurs.

Immunizing your child not only gives them protection but means there is a lower chance that your child will pass on these viruses to vulnerable children and adults who cannot be fully immunized. Fortunately modern advances mean vaccinations today are very safe and serious reactions are rare.

Your baby will be offered polio and BCG at birth. We strongly recommend you immunize your child at our pediatric clinic. And for further discussion on your child immunizations, please see your pediatrician.

We have a speech- language therapist who assess speech, language, cognitive-communication, and oral/feeding/swallowing skills. This lets them identify a problem and the best way to treat it. We offer comprehensive services for all types of speech-language conditions in both outpatient and inpatient settings

Nakasero Hospital offers the entire spectrum of pediatric heart care services, from selecting the most appropriate medication for a condition to handling the most complex pediatric cardiac surgery using a multispecialty team approach to care.

Experts in Nakasero hospital’s Division of Pediatric Cardiology evaluate signs and symptoms and treat numerous heart disease and heart-related conditions in children and teenagers.

At Nakasero Hospital, our board-certified pediatric surgeons provide specialized surgical care for problems or conditions affecting children, from newborns through teens. These conditions must be recognized immediately by pediatricians and physicians. Pediatric surgeons cooperate with all of the specialists involved in a child’s medical care to determine whether surgery is the best option for the child.

Our 13-bed capacity Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides nationally-recognized, care for critically ill newborns with complex care needs. This specialized nursery is not just for premature babies or those carried through high-risk pregnancies even full-term babies sometimes unexpectedly need a little extra support.

Our team provides a full range of highly specialized medical and surgical services in a unit dedicated to the care of term and preterm newborns. We offer a range of therapies to care for the sickest babies, including those who:

  • Need a machine to help them breathe (require conventional and high-frequency assisted ventilation).
  • Undergo surgery, including cardiothoracic surgery.
  • Require nitric oxide therapy to help combat lung problems.
  • Are at increased risk for neurodevelopmental problems or brain injuries and require therapeutic cooling or other neuroprotective therapies.
  • Have hereditary metabolic disorders and require dialysis or further diagnostic evaluation.
  • Need highly specialized care for complex medical problems.

Require advanced therapies, such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

Pediatrics Team works 24/7
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Nakasero Hospital is a committed working team and the padiatrics departments always excels in prodiving patient care. This certainly means that you willbe well take care of from the moment you place and appointment until your condition is 

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