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Bone, joint or muscle pain can really hurt—especially when they keep you from what you love.

At Nakasero Hospital, we can help you get back on track, fast. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons treat a full range of conditions affecting the hips, knees, spine, shoulders, hands, elbows, wrists, feet and ankles. From fractures and sports-related injuries to chronic and debilitating pain, you’ll find the specialist to meet your needs.

Common Orthopaedic Conditions We Treat

Nakasero Hospital provides a wide range of orthopedic treatment options for diseases, injuries and other conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. These orthopedic conditions our team treats include:

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Helping You Reach Your Health Goals

From diagnosis through treatment, Nakasero Hospital orthopedic surgeons are at the forefront employing advanced technologies in the best interest of patients who are trying to get better.

Our approach to orthopedic care is to listen to our patient’s needs, understand their goals and apply our expertise to provide them with the best possible outcome

Why Nakasero Othopedic Department

If you’re in pain, trust the orthopedic experts at Nakasero Hospital. We offer personalized care and advanced treatments to help improve your quality of life.

Our Orthopedic team are leaders in diagnosing and addressing the full range of problems, from head to toe, using the latest nonsurgical and surgical approaches. Our team is focused on ensuring that you get the right treatment to relieve your symptoms and improve your mobility — so you can get back to leading a full, active life.

Keeping athletes in the game: When you suffer a sports injury, you want care that will help you return to action as quickly as possible.

State-of-the-art care: Nakasero Hospital orthopedic doctors are also innovators, leading efforts to continually improve patient care. That includes developing minimally invasive approaches that mean less time in the hospital.

A personalized team approach: Care for many orthopedic and spine issues involves multiple specialists, and we assemble your care team based on your needs. These experts — including surgeons, primary care orthopedic doctors, podiatrists, rheumatologists, physiatrists and therapists — work collaboratively to help you reach your goals

Head Of Department

Orthopaedic surgeon
Dr Edward Naddumba

Department Reviews

From diagnosis through treatment, Nakasero Hospital orthopedic surgeons are at the forefront employing advanced technologies in the best interest of patients. I am very glad they helped me alot.
Agnes Kasha
School Teacher

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