NHL out-patient services are offered in the Accident and Emergency department which caters for walk-in patients. The OPD specialist clinic is accessed by appointment through the main hospital reception.


Walk-in patients are attended to in the Accident and Emergency department. This is a 24-hr service. Patients are initially attended to by an experienced General Practitioner who may then issue a referral to a specialist if necessary.

Accident and Emergency Department (A&E)

Open 24 hours and run by medical and nursing staff trained in the management of Medical Emergency. They are supervised by consultants; mainly Anaesthesiologists with Emergency Medicine training and an Orthopaedic Surgeon for Acute trauma management. There are other consultants in various disciplines on-call as well. The department is well equipped with Emergency resuscitation equipment and a minor theatre.Ambulance service is also available.

Contact is made through NHL reception.

Out-Patient Specialist Clinics (OPD)

The specialist clinics run full day Monday – Friday and Saturday (9am – 1pm), and closed on Sunday. Attendance to these clinics is by appointment only through the OPD reception.

The reception is run by experienced and friendly staff who endeavour to accommodate all appointment requests.

Urgent cases are channelled thorough the Accident and Emergency department with the attending consultant usually available for advice.

OPD specialist clinics are available in the following disciplines:

Internal Medicine General Surgery
Cardiology Urology
Endocrinology Neurosurgery
Psychiatry Cardiothoracic Surgery
Nephrology Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dermatology Orthopaedic Surgery
Neurology Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Oncology Paediatrics

Other Services available:

Executive Clinics (Men and Well Women Clinic)
Prenatal Classes
Immunization and Well-Baby Clinic