Social responsibility is an integral part of NHL’s service delivery. NHL stakeholders are dedicated to making a significant contribution to the community through various health initiatives:

Eye Care Otreach Program
In collaboration with Deseret International , NHL has carried out eye outreach programs across the country over the last four years.

Blood Donation
As a hospital, NHL engages in the different life saving activities and Blood Donation is one of the key activities carried out.
Nakasero Hospital Ltd in partnership with Uganda Transfusion Services (Blood Bank) has overtime organised blood transfusion drives both at the hospital and with other partners at other locations. We believe that there should be enough blood to help save lives and every little effort to deliver matter.

Club Foot
Nakasero Hospital has plans to carry out free Orthopaedic clinics for congenital deformities in children such as club foot. This is a growing robe and through our Orthopaedic department, we feel this will provide much needs relief to parents with children suffering from this.

Fistula Repair Project
The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology conducted free VVF repair surgeries;
(VVF is a debilitating condition affecting poor rural women that are neglected at child birth) This was in collaborating with a number of stakeholders including both international and local sponsors. The project run for two years with over 300 women treated for this condition.

Rehab is an organisation that provides refuge and education for young girls that have been sexually abused or have previously worked as sex workers.The center goes further to skill the girls to enable them become self-sustaining once they leave home. As a hospital, we commit to providing healthcare needs for the girls while in the home.

Rotary Cancer Run
Nakasero Hospital has over the last two years partnered with the Rotary Cancer Run that has undertaken to provide facilities and treatment for cancer patients. This is a concerted effort with several other partners and cancer being one of the key focuses for Nakasero Hospital in the coming years, partnerships like this will help to make the job easier to deliver.

Free Medical Wellness Camps

Medical camps are offered three times a year, and cover the following:

  • Awareness for Well Woman Clinic attendance;
  • Awareness for Well Men Clinic attendance;
  • Breast examination during the breast cancer month of October.
  • Prostate cancer examination in November.