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As we wind down our Heart awareness month, let us take a look at some of the important tests that your doctor could ask you to take. All these are available at our Cardiac Diagnostic Unit. Call today for more information 0312531400 #listentoyourheart We start with Echocardiography

This month we are talking to your heart…Look out for some of these signs and get help quickly. Our Cardiac Diagnostic Unit has the personnel and equipment to diagnose all heart related complication. Talk to your doctor or call us today 0312531400.

All this month, we reach out to your heart! We have set up a Cardiac Diagnostic Unit to provide advanced diagnostic checks together with our team of cardiologists. Talk to your doctor today about a cardiac assessment,especially if you are at risk of heart disease. Call 0706346222

Open Surgery Versus Laparoscopy in hernia repair. A hernia is a hole through the muscle layers in the abdominal wall. Therefore, surgery can be performed from either the abdominal side, as in the laparoscopic approach, or through the skin, as in a traditional, open approach. Why is there an open approach and a laparoscopic approach?…

How Keyhole Surgery works Keyhole surgery uses an instrument called a laparoscope. It is a small, narrow tube that has both a light source and a camera on it, which illuminates and feeds back images of inside the body to a screen in the operating room. The size of the laparoscope means that it can…

We are always looking for ways to create better medical experiences and outcomes for our patients. By introducing minimally invasive procedures to our stable of services, we ensure that hospital stay is minimized which in itself is a great thing for our patients. Talk to your doctor today about how these procedures could be beneficial…

February is the month of love worldwide…At Nakasero Hospital ,we are looking into all kinds of pain to ensure you have a fantastic month. Talk to your doctor today on how our Pain Management Clinic can help with your pain situation. Call today 0706346222

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