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Look after your back and it will look after you over the years! For any inquiries on back pain or any other joint pains, let our team of Orthopaedic Surgeons be a point of reference. 0312531400

Old age comes with wisdom and the wise know when they see a good thing. Going forward make the decision and let the #HealthCard form part of your health plan. Call 0706 346 157|0706 346 178 # #health #wellness #HealthCard

Take heed and let us save for health. Remember as you access care, you earn some thing back to help your savings go that much farther….

Family health accounts for a lion’s share of family happiness! Don’t leave it to chance. Register and get your #HealthCard today! Call 0706346157|0706346178 or email

The journey to motherhood is sometimes filled with uncertainties. Let the @NakaseroHosp #HealthCard take some of that worry away. Register today and let’s accompany you to that bundle of joy! Call today 0706346157|0706346178|0312531400|

Officially Launched! The @NakaseroHosp Health Card can be accessed by visiting the hospital and completing your registration. You could also call 0706346157/0706346178 to complete your registration. Embark on a journey of planned healthcare management.

Join us today as we launch the Health Card and start the journey of planned healthcare management. #healthcare #loyalty #healthcard

Your health is a key ingredient of your wealth. Guard it jealously!

@ubctvuganda was on hand to tell our story and inform the masses of this new service that will save many lives. #FirstPrivateCathLabUG Many Thanks @MauriceMugisha and your team

Listen to our people talk about what the Cath Lab means to all stakeholders. Nakasero Hospital- Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cath Lab) via @YouTube

For emergency cases        +256 393 224 681