Current Opportunities

Nakasero Hospital is a private hospital that was started by a group of Consultant Doctors in 2009 who came together with a goal of setting up a world class hospital that would meet the healthcare needs of Ugandans and East Africans who were seeking medical treatment outside the region, due to the gap in quality healthcare services in the country.

In all we do, we must remember this background and uphold this goal, guided by the vision, mission and values of the hospital.

Our Mission is to provide quality, sustainable, compassionate health care by leveraging local and international talent and state-of-the-art technology.

As such we are looking for a suitable candidates to fill the position of CLINICAL PATHOLOGIST / HEAD OF LABORATORY.

JOB PURPOSE: To provide high quality laboratory service in line with Nakasero Hospital vision working closely with all departments that utilize laboratory services


• Supervises and manages the laboratory effectively with the a senior assistance of Lab manager
• Uses available laboratory resources appropriately and effectively
• Procures appropriate laboratory equipment whenever necessary
• Consults and supports the clinicians on diseases management and therapy according to the laboratory tests
• Advises the Lab manager on the auditing of the various sections of the laboratory
• Guide and facilitate teams to regularly report on laboratory activities through routine high quality HMIS reports and activity reports in line with standard NH finance and Ministry of health timelines
• Plan, coordinate and conduct trainings and mentorships for laboratory team to build skills for delivery of quality lab services.
• Strengthen QA efforts both at the Labs and POC and ensure that the Lab supervises point-of-care testers participate in internal and external quality control schemes in line with NH and national guidelines.
• Contributes effectively to other inter-disciplinary team activities


• Up-to-date knowledge of a hospital laboratory management systems
• Good communication, organization and management skills
• Knows the appropriate test to be performed: in a specific clinical situation
• Interprets diagnostic tests and with understanding of causation of disease processes
• Understands the principles of analysis and technical details of tests used to diagnose
• Practices pathology ethically, consistent with the obligations of a medical specialist
• Has computer skills including word processing, excel, internet and power point, HMIS and LIS.
• Knows the appropriate test to be performed: in a specific clinical situation
• Demonstrates appropriate personal and interpersonal behavior.


• A first degree in Medicine, MB ChB or equivalent
• Postgraduate degree in Laboratory Medicine/pathology/microbiology/biochemistry
• Full and active registration with the Health Professionals council.
• Minimum of 3 Years’ Experience Heading a hospital Laboratory

Candidates that have relevant experience, meet the above criteria and have what it takes to excel in the above position, should submit their applications, Curriculum vitae and academic certificates to addressed to the Human Resource Manager Not later than Monday, 27th January 2020.

Head – Critical Care and Rapid Response Services– (1) One position

JOB PURPOSE: Provide 24 Hour overall clinical and administrative leadership and management of the ICU, HDU, Accident and Emergency and Rapid response Services.

• Responsibility for critically ill patients in a busy Intensive Care Unit/ High Dependency Unit and providing highly specialized nursing and medical care to patients in the hospital in the form of close monitoring, support of vital organs, treatment of life threatening conditions, and care for critically ill patients.
• Lead the rapid response services team to effectively respond to hospitalized patients with early signs of deterioration on non-intensive care units through provision of early resuscitation interventions and advanced life support
• Oversight of the Accident and Emergency (A&E) teams in provision of emergency medicine and acute care of patients who present without prior appointment either by their own means or by ambulance.

1) Financial
• Present monthly reports detailing the financial performance per bed in both ICU and HDU
• Present monthly reports detailing the occupancy of the ICU and HDU units
• Present a detailed report of the various procedures carried out in ICU and HDU, indicating their turnaround times, when and who carried out the procedures.
• Ensure that patients in ICU/HDU get their bills on daily basis.
2) Customer care
• Provide patients and their next of kin in the HDU and ICU daily updates on the progress of the patients. Provide patients and next of kin with an opportunity to raise any issues regarding the patients care and have them addressed.
• Obtain and act on feedback from patients and their attendants on the care they received in the ICU and HDU units through client satisfaction survey forms and action plans.
• Hold family meetings with the next of kin regularly, either every other day or as often as it necessitates depending on the condition of the patient.
3) Process
• Display the names of the shift leaders of the accident and emergency department during the night and during the day.
• Maintain an updated register to record any incidents that occur in the A and E/HDU/ICU.
• Chair the weekly mortality and morbidity meetings
• In conjunction with the head of infection prevention come up with an ICU assessment that will involve the parameters to be assessed and the reports to be made. These parameter will include:
• Rates of catheter associated infections
• Rates of ventilator associated pneumonias
• Rate of nosocomial infections
• Rates of bed sores
• Patient outcomes
• Procedures for regular swabbing
• Develop SOP’s of the different procedure in ICU and HDU and audit their use regularly. There will be regular reports for these audits.
• In conjunction with the biomedical team have a documented annual equipment service plan.
• Oversee the stock and inventory management in A & E, ICU and HDU and ensure that they are properly done.
• Set up a handover system that will ensure that the hand over process by the nursing team from one shift to the next is smooth and with proper and accurate transfer of information.
• Chair the weekly multidisciplinary team and monthly mortality audit meetings.
4) Learning and growth
• Carry out regular needs assessment of the staff in ICU/HDU and A & E and on the basis of this design a training schedule for the department in collaboration with the in charges of the unit. This plan will involve regular assessments of the knowledge and skills of these staffs.
• Come up with a criteria for selection and training of the SHO’s to work in the units in collaboration with the intensivists.
5) Rapid response teams
• Form rapid response teams that will be responsible for the assessment of patients who are deteriorating in the ward and advise on whether there is need for the escalation of care.
6) Reports
• Prepare monthly reports containing the performance of the unit in different areas and aspects.

• Integrity
• Excellent communication skills
• Self-motivated and result orientated
• Excellent Patient Care
• Interpersonal skills.
• An analytical, problem-solving and creative work approach.

• Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine / Critical Care
• 3+ Years’ Experience in Critical Care Management in a Hospital Setting
• Experience leading ICU/HDU, Accident & Emergency and Rapid Response services in a busy Hospital
• Experience in people management

Candidates that have relevant experience, meet the above criteria and have what it takes to excel in the above position, should submit their applications, Curriculum vitae and academic certificates to addressed to the Human Resource Manager Not later than Monday, 27th January 2020.

Nakasero Hospital provides an equal opportunity for all qualified persons and does not discriminate against any applicant for employment because of race, ethnicity, tribe, national origin, ancestry, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or any other protected status.
Canvassing or lobbying by an applicant directly or indirectly in connection with any appointment shall disqualify the applicant.

Nakasero Hospital does not offer any positions without an interview and never asks candidates for money. If you are asked for money, we strongly recommend that you do not respond and do not send money or personal information.