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Baby news is happy news and we would like to help you keep it that way! Our Paediatric Clinic is open 7 days a week to do exactly that! Staffed with three senior Consultant Pediatricians, a Paediatric neurologist, Language and Speech Therapist and our Inhouse Nutritionist, you are more than covered. Visit us today for…

As part of the measures to ensure continuity of care during this pandemic period and beyond, our pharmacy now delivers medication to your door step. Place an order for your regular prescription refill or any Over The Counter (OTC) medication for our same day delivery service. Call 0706 346 013 or email

  The arrival of the #CathLab equipment marks the beginning of the countdown to the launch of this major step in medical advancement @NakaseroHosp Watch this space for details on progress until the first procedure. #CardiacLivesMatter #siemens #HealthTech 433 People Reached 83 Engagements Boost Post

Learning how anxiety affects everyone can help you, your family and friends find relief especially during this pandemic era whose impact has far reaching consequences. Don’t let those thoughts boil up on you. Consult our mental health team for professional advise on managing what you are feeling! Call 0706 346 222 | 0312 531 400

Studies show that 63.5% of Ugandans are self medicating based on the assumption of carrying minor illnesses. This could adversely affect your long term health status. Our Emergency department is open 24/7 and a call away via Tele/Video consult or in-clinic visit. 0393 224 681

Is the fear of the pandemic keeping you from your regular check-ups? Doctors advise against postponement of some regular exams. Mask up and book your appointment with our Executive Wellness Center today. 0702 697 862 | 0312 531 400 #wellness

Did you know that Cardiac Vascular Diseases account for nearly 31% of deaths around the world? Nakasero Hospital is improving its cardiac diagnostic capability by installing a Cath Lab to supplement the exiting Cardiac Clinic set up. We shall reverse this statistic together! Call 0312531400 for your cardiac evaluation today!

Let us all protect ourselves and the loved ones.   Note: We have suspended visitation to our admitted patients and currently allow only one caretaker per patient. This is in line with ensuring we can create a consistent social distance within the hospital facilities.   We are also enforcing wearing of face masks at all…

Soon, we shall have complete capacity to take care of your heart. Visit the Cardiac ad Wellness center for more information on this and more. Call 0312 531 400

As we resume normal operations and day to day hustles, let us ensure we have a healthy heart to match the expectation of our input. Visit us today for a quick check. Call 0312 531 400

For emergency cases        +256 393 224 681