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Celebrating our loyal staff…Teopista has been an instrumental part of our theater team that has done thousands of procedures. Let’s see what she enjoys about working here.#Nakasero@10

Celebrating our loyal staff..Eva has been and still is an integral part of the paediatric clinic….she shares with us her ambitions. #Nakasero@10

  Celebrating our loyal staff..Mary has held various positions in the hospital over the last 10 years. Let us see what keeps her going…#Nakasero@10

Celebrating our loyal staff….Rosen has ensured our APU patients are given the very best of care…let us see why he loves this job. Nakasero@10

Yesterday at the #corporateleague Team Nakasero won one and lost one….great display for our inaugural participation. Sport improves health… [/column_2] [/column_2] [/column_1] [/column_2] [/column_2] [/column_2] [/column_1]

Celebrating our loyal staff….Dorcus has been a major force in ensuring we achieve the success rates we are seeing in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She is relentless in ensuring the babies get every support during their time there. #Nakasero@10

Celebrating our loyal staff….Paul has been part of every fixture within the hospital. His loyalty is exceptional. Let’s us see what keeps him motivated.#Nakasero@10

Celebrating our loyal staff….Annet has gained experience in a number of departments within the hospital. She now shares some of what she has enjoyed over the years. #Nakasero@10

  The team in NICU receiving pampers and thermometers for the little ones as part of the hospital’s CSR program. We are lessening the burden on the parents of these babies for a whole week. You don’t need to buy any pampers during this period and the thermometer is to help you keep track of…

Celebrating our loyal staff…….If you or your child has been immunised over the last 10 years, chances are that you have met Miriam. This time, she tells us about what motivates her. #Nakasero@10

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