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#CTScanFacts A CT scan is the first imaging technique used to look for brain injury or skull fractures as it is faster than an MRI, allows radiologists to see the bones better, and a good way to see small amounts of blood. CT Scan services are available 24 hrs a day. 0312531400

Your next prescription is only a call away. Call/Whats app 0707346013 or email

We have put measures into our consultation process to keep our staff and patients safe from this infection. Let us all keep safe and protect our loved ones. This forms most of the information you need to know about Coronavirus as shared by World Health Organisation.

In our environment, emergency care is what makes the difference. Join us to lead this highly rewarding challenge..

Celebrating our loyal staff…Teopista has been an instrumental part of our theater team that has done thousands of procedures. Let’s see what she enjoys about working here.#Nakasero@10

Celebrating our loyal staff..Eva has been and still is an integral part of the paediatric clinic….she shares with us her ambitions. #Nakasero@10

  Celebrating our loyal staff..Mary has held various positions in the hospital over the last 10 years. Let us see what keeps her going…#Nakasero@10

Celebrating our loyal staff….Rosen has ensured our APU patients are given the very best of care…let us see why he loves this job. Nakasero@10

For emergency cases        +256 393 224 681